This is a brief snapshot of what each team is to do. Each team specific assignment is as follows:



Make sure your guest service area and counter is fully stocked with necessary paperwork, forms, and pens. Check in with the to retrieve the iPad units for sign-in and guest info purposes. Smiles Greet and Receive all incoming guests connection cards. Make sure the following pertinent info is fill in, name, email, cell, and the questions answered. Give a give gift to all the guest who turn inn a completed card. Also answer all questions inquires from attendees. Verify all collected connection cards into the Breeze system by filling out an connection card form, if an online form wasn’t completed while at the station Provide details on the 5 Things You Need To Know. Provide details on future events for adults and youth. Assist with sign-ups and registrations for any upcoming events.



Make sure the stations for giving envelopes and forms are
stocked. Familiarize yourself with the location of area and rooms in the building for proper directions. Greet all arriving people with a smile and "welcome to Conquerors or Great to see you again" Show people to comfortable seats for themselves and those who are with them. Cycle around to be able to receive others needing seats. At the end of service do a simple pass thru of the worship area and pick up all unused forms and envelopes.


Assemble as a team in each of the worship areas (adult & youth) and pray for the service. Pray that those who attend will be set free, and revive their victory. At the end of sermon, prayer will be offered the team will stand behind those who come forward for prayer and then when the prayer ends, Pastor will say: “If you require additional prayer from one off our prayer partners , stay right here our team will come to you.” Present yourself to the person who waited for additional prayer and pray accordingly.



Position the offering baskets for easy access. Designate which collectors will collect what section/row. Also, which collectors will cover the youth area. Collect tithes and offerings and turn them into the Finance Team Leader or Designated Person.

Place baskets back in the location for next service usage.


Setup your instruments. Perform a brief sound check to verify sound levels. Return to the green room final walk thru. Return to stage 5 min before service starts. Following service make sure your instruments are powered off and your area is cleaned.
Verify the microphones you are using. Verify battery life. Perform a brief sound check to verify sound levels. Return to the green room final walk thru. Return to stage 5 min before service starts. Following service place microphones back in their holders.



Make sure all security exits are locked and panic bars are operable. Place out all the parking directional signs. Make sure security video recorder is operating properly. Place Lot signs out to designate Lot areas. Place pylon cones outside to section off first time guest parking spaces. During service times perform timely security walk through’s in adult and youth areas. When lots fill up redirect attendees to free parking spaces.



Make sure fresh bakery items and coffee necessities are on site. Start fresh pots of coffee. Setup the Cafe and place the Cafe cape on top prior to service. After service, assist attendees in getting items from the cafe. Keep the Cafe stocked and make sure the Café area is always neat and clean.



Make sure that stage is powered up in adult and youth area. Set youth lighting system to auto. Verify the lighting script for the adult area is set

Input the sermon points and announcements into the screen system. Start the auto pre-service screen script. Operate the screen during services following the script for that service. After service start the auto post service screen script.
Power up the sound system board, amps, mic’s, and speakers. Put fresh batteries in all cordless mic’s and Pastor’s head worn mic. Perform sound check with musicians and singers. Also verify a room sound level check.

Set and power up cameras. Run video test to check recording quality. Verify the video signal connected to the streaming software showing. After recording save the video and label example! “Sunday Service 8/30/17”.



Check in with the Youth Pastor / Leader. Assist in set up of the youth church area. Assist arriving parents and youth with check in at the kiosk. Help maintain youth order service. Set up snacks at the end of each service. Perform a mini clean up.
note: youth are to stay in their service until picked up by parent at the end of service.



Check on Breeze for the number of people that are registered for the upcoming session. Make sure a followup text reminder is sent to each registrant 1 week then 1 day before the session. On scheduled growth track classes, arrive 20 minutes and set up the area conference room or where the class will be for the session. Make sure there is a pen, table name plate, and extra packets.



On Monday’s between the times of 6-8, make personal calls to the guest that attend on Sunday. Follow the provided script. Call should last no longer than 7-8 mins per person. Take pertinent notes during the calls and then transpose to Breeze in the person profile.



Plan quarterly outreach events for the members to participate in. Fill up our monthly Outreach partnerships EX: deliver donuts to the police station, School supplies to teachers etc...Periodically share with attendees the blessing and benefits to volunteering in Outreach events. Be prepared to share during the services announcements of upcoming outreach events.



Schedule your sessions in 3 month cycles and post session on the main events calendar in Breeze. Provide clear details to your session. IE: Discussion title, date, time, cost, and session description.
On your scheduled group session arrive early to greet each of your attendees. Provide a sign-in sheet for your group attendees, once the session is over place the attendance numbers in Breeze.



Verify registered candidates are prepared for their Baptism. Have candidates set aside their items with their name in the candidate staging area. Set up baptistry and make sure the water temperature and chlorine levels are proper. Assist Candidates into the baptistry and out. After out, place the person towel around them, and assist the candidate back to the staging area.



Be sure that there is an adequate supply is available prior to First Sunday’s. Assign team members to stand at the worship entrance to distribute communion to attendees. Let know not to partake until the time of Communion. Make sure the remaining Communion and holders are placed in storage after usage


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